G S Jamadagni

​   (One of Founder Member)

        GM (Quality) (Rtd.)

 Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.


  ​​(One of Founder Member)

DGM(Plg) (Retd.) (Corp.Off)

      Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

 ​​Association of former Executives of HAL

Late S N Sachindran

Director( Corporate Planning 

                    & Marketing) (Rtd.)

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.


       Association of Former Executives of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., (HALE) as the name implies is a forum of former officers of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). The Association is registered with the Registrar of Societies, Bangalore under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960.  The registered office is located at a building on Suranjan Das Road, Opposite to HAL Market, Vimanapura, Bangalore - 560017.  The administration of the Association is carried out by an Executive Committee duly elected by the Members.  


        It was September 2007 and Bangalore was celebrating Dashara festival. During the occasion, a few former officers of HAL and their spouses participated in a socio-religious gathering at the residence of Sri S.N.Sachindran, former Director (Corporate Planning & Marketting) of HAL. Mr. Sachindran, while expressing happiness to see the HAL group, stated that it would be nice to meet former colleagues and added that there should be a forum of former colleagues to keep in touch with each other. Sri C.V.Sastry, impulsively volunteered his service to be a convener.

       After initial data collection like contact details of former officers and functioning of such forums in other Public Sector Undertakings, a core working group consisting of volunteers S/Sri S.N.Sachindran, G.S.Jamadagni and C.V.Sastry started functioning.

        After receiving consent from about 50 former officers, a letter to HAL,Corporate Office was sent conveying the intention of forming an Association of former officers of HAL. The letter covered broadly the objectives of the proposed association and also sought advice from Corporate Office.  The Corporate Office gave the consent to form such a forum.  The former officers who had responded positively for starting the proposed  Association  met  in   Nehru  Auditorium of  HAL Corporate Office on 19th October, 2008  and finalised the Memorandum of Association and Bye laws, the membership fee and constituted the Executive Committee to administer the Association. Corporate Office was kind enough to provide auditorium facilities and host lunch during the occasion.

           HAL Management also communicated to HALE that it should act as a Nodal Forum  for the purpose of communication with the retired HAL employees, both Officers & Workmen.

       The due process was followed and the Association was registered on 18th December 2008 with the Name " HALE (Association of Former Executives of HAL) " under Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960.

Aims and Objectives of the Association

  • To be a forum for the former officers to meet each other, preserve and promote fellowship, cooperation and friendship amongst the members.

  • To organise periodical meets and get update of HAL activities (purely information in public domain)

  • To form professional groups and offer services, arrange seminars and guest lectures.

  • To obtain news letters/magazines published by HAL and circulate amongst members.

  •  To take up with HAL common problems if any, faced by former officers.

         For details of The Memorandum of Association and Rules

         & Regulation (Bye Laws) click on the button HALE-Bye Laws.

  Achievements :

  • Presently as on June 2015, HALE has 1351 Members/Associate members.

  • HALE has been successful in obtaining a Group Health Insurance Scheme from HAL Managemet to its retired employees. The scheme provides Insurance coverage of Rs.4,000,00/- towards in-patient treatment and Rs.20,000/- towards OPD, per annum, jointly in respect of the retired Employee/Executive and Spouse, on floater basis, for the first year.